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Traces of Jean Bernabé

Traces of Jean Bernabé

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Gerry L'Étang, Corinne Mencé-Caster & Raphaël Confiant, Eds.

This collective work is a tribute to the Martinican professor Jean Bernabé. It is the result of interventions during the symposium organized by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Letters, Languages, Arts and Human Sciences [Crillash], founded by Jean Bernabé in 2006.

We find there the work of the grammarian, the creolist, the activist, the writer. But Jean Bernabé was also a thinker, whose anthropological dimension and importance beyond the linguistic field are revealed in this work.


Martinican Jean Bernabé (1942-2017) is a major figure in Martinican creolistics and one of the most important in world creolistics . This book is a tribute to Jean Bernabé by those who knew and rubbed shoulders with him.

Throughout his exceptionally rich career, he was the grammarian, creolist and activist to whom the Creole language owes its graphic codification. He was also an outstanding literary analyst and novelist. Finally, he was a thinker, whose anthropological dimension and importance outside the linguistic field are revealed in this work.

“Tracées” refers precisely to the different imprints of this considerable journey. They all criss-cross the lands of uncertain destiny that are Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana , in a world where migration and new technologies bring people together but also exacerbate navel-gazing impulses.

The career of this intellectual deserved to be studied because the passages opened by Jean Bernabé were frequented, fruitful, and justify his place alongside Aimé Césaire, Frantz Fanon and Édouard Glissant in the pantheon of outstanding personalities in the history of the West Indies.

This book is the proceedings of an international symposium held from October 25 to 27, 2017 at the University of the Antilles, Martinique campus. It was organized by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Letters, Languages, Arts and Humanities [Crillash]. The Crillash , founded by Jean Bernabé, is the result of the grouping in 2006 of three research laboratories, including the Group for Studies and Research in Creolophone and Francophone Spaces [ Gerec-F ], also founded by Jean Bernabé.

The current director of the Crillash is Gerry L'Étang , who took over from Corinne Mencé-Caster and Raphaël Confiant , who had themselves succeeded Jean Bernabé in this position.



  • Jean Bernabé: an intellectual open to civil society – Marie‑Françoise Bernabé & Patrick Odent-Allet

  • Words of Gratitude – Daniel Georges Bardury

  • Green voice of Jean Bernabé: against decreolization in Creole-speaking countries. From the TPE to the laboratory and the Creole factory – Robert Fontès

  • In fond memories – Jean-Pierre Sainton

  • He called us Manmay! On the shoulders of Jean – Hector Poullet

  • Jean Bernabé: “flint warrior” of transmission – Serge Domi

  • Jean Bernabé and Guyana: the view of the visionary – Monique Bléald


  • Visionary Jean Bernabé: Cognition and Submorphemics in Creole and in Language in General – Dennis Philps

  • Jean Bernabé or etymological concern – Corinne Mencé-Caster

  • Jean Bernabé and ecological reflection: paradigm shift in creolistics? – Ralph Ludwig

  • Jean Bernabé: for a renewed approach to BLF creolistics – Daniel Georges Bardury

  • Graphic variations by Jean Bernabé – Marie-José Saint-Louis

  • Approach to linguistic phenomena in sociodiglossic contexts – Michel Dispagne

  • Modals of Martinican Creole: rising verbs – Stéphane Térosier

  • From Creole to French: for a contrastive Creole-French didactics – Robert Damoiseau

  • The spelling of Haitian Creole put to the test of sandhi – Renauld Govain

  • Jean Bernabé's digital ambition for Creoles – Fabrice Silpa

  • The problem of the language of writing in the reception of French West Indian texts in the digital age – Stella Cambrone-Lasnes

  • Jean Bernabé: a maker of concepts – Raphaël Confiant

  • Creolization, an antidote to identitarianism – Jean-Luc Bonniol

  • Chapé-kouli. Who escaped what? – Gerry L'Etang

  • From the quest for gangans to the sharing of ancestors . A traced palimpsest by Jean Bernabé – Philippe Chanson

  • A novel ? Narrative Mode and Literary Genre of La Malgeste des Mornes by Jean Bernabé – Charles W. Scheel

  • Jean Bernabé: literary transmission of a creolity in intercultural dialogue – Laura Carvigan-Cassin

  • Onomastics and creolity in the novels of Jean Bernabé – Cécile Bertin-Elisabeth

  • Le baileur d'Éclair (2002) by Jean Bernabé: birth of a novelist and birth of a work – Maurice Belrose

  • The great drive of Chimène : between belief and reality – Amandine Forgeront

  • Language and singularity of literary creation in a Creole-speaking area. Last proposals of Jean Bernabé and observations in Guyana – Myrtô Ribal-Rilos

  • For a poetics of the translation of Sharing the Ancestors, by Jean Bernabé – Élodie Cocote

  • Considerations on translational emotion in Creole – Juliette Facthum-Sainton

  • Towards an exhaustive bibliography of Jean Bernabé? – Anne Pajard

ISBN: 9791093143415

Format: 160 x 240 mm - 410 pages - Pin

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