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Audiobook – Ti-Jean and Ti-Manicou Christmas

Audiobook – Ti-Jean and Ti-Manicou Christmas

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Text by Caroline Chemarin
Illustrations by Myriam Desclèves

It's Christmas night. Where is the worried little manicou running?
Through the tall grasses, through the great forests, through the roads of a thousand dangers, he conscientiously carries his treasure.

By the side of the road, in the heart of the night,
Little Manicou doubts, he listens… No noise.
High in the sky, the moon is smiling.
Her glow is frail, and soft, and pretty:
It's Christmas tonight.

From 3 years

Ti-Jean and Ti-Manicou Noël received the Mirepoix Book Fair award in 2018

ISBN: 9782902390359

Format: MP3

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