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Traditional Martinican pharmacopoeia

Traditional Martinican pharmacopoeia

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Emmanuel Nossin

Emmanuel Nossin lives in Martinique. He is a pharmacist and ethnopharmacologist.

In this very well documented and abundantly illustrated book, the author retraces the history of traditional medicine in the West Indies and explains its origins. The book includes in the second part a list of ingredients of the ethnopharmacopoeia of Martinique, enriched with about 400 color photos. This makes it a particularly complete and useful book from a practical point of view, which will interest all readers, especially the author advocates a reconciliation between traditional medicine and modern medicine, which we often tend to oppose.


The 2009 law on traditional medicine in the Overseas Territories recommends an inventory of traditional medicines in the Caribbean. In this book, Emmanuel Nossin proposes to fuel and enrich the debate around the Martinican ethnopharmacopoeia. It traces the history of traditional medicine in the West Indies and explains how and why this pharmacopoeia was formed. Indeed, this one was strongly influenced by the various cultures, resulting from immigration. This book is a plea, which shows that traditional medicine and modern medicine are compatible and complementary.

In Martinique, these two systems coexist while ignoring each other. Conversely, the author preaches an intelligent cohabitation, where each system would enrich the other. In fact, it offers solutions to achieve this. Moreover, he is one of the first to draw up such an inventory by proposing an estimate of its content. And since there is not yet an official inventory of these practices, this information is essential. Therefore this book will interest not only professionals, but also all Martinicans concerned about their cultural heritage.

ISBN: 9791093143330

Format: 160 x 240 mm - 426 pages - hardcover


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