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Scitep Jeunesse

Audiobook – Moss and the hummingbird

Audiobook – Moss and the hummingbird

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Text by Caroline Chemarin
Illustrations by Myriam Desclèves

This children's tale tells the adventures of a little cat who chases a hummingbird, a little bird among the flowers. The story ends with a bump and the flowerpot on the head, but as always, once the humiliation passes, it will start again.

Mousse, the little ginger cat, glides noiselessly through the grass in the garden.
Why is she approaching the beautiful pink hibiscus so discreetly?
Just above the large sweet flower, a tiny bird flutters like a dance.
Does Moss know that the kitten never catches the hummingbird?

From 3 years


Mousse, the little red cat, Is lurking in the tall grass:
She's a bush lion.
Rémi, the tiny hummingbird,
Lays its long curved beak
On the pink and sweet hibiscus…

ISBN: 9782902390342

Format: MP3

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