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Scitep Jeunesse

Moss and the hummingbird

Moss and the hummingbird

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Text by Caroline Chemarin
Illustrations of Myriam Descleves


Creole: Terez Leotin
Latin: Olivier Rimbault
Ndyuka: Milton Simiesong

Catalan: Patricia Gall

This children's tale tells the adventures of a little cat who chases a hummingbird, a little bird among the flowers. The story ends with a bump and the flowerpot on the head, but as always, once the humiliation passes, it will start again.

From 3 years.


Mousse, the little ginger cat, glides noiselessly through the grass in the garden.
Why is she approaching the beautiful pink hibiscus so discreetly?
Just above the large sweet flower, a tiny bird flutters like a dance.
Does Moss know that the kitten never catches the hummingbird?

Moss, the little red cat,
Is lurking in the tall grass:
She's a bush lion.

Rémi, the tiny hummingbird,
Lays its long curved beak
On the pink and sweet hibiscus…

ISBN: 9782902390076

Format: 210 x 150 mm - 20 pages - 2 point stitch

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