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Scitep Jeunesse

The castle of the petish rat

The castle of the petish rat

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Text by Caroline Chemarin
Illustrations by Caroline Chemarin

In the castle of prank words, an enchanting little rat weaves bubbles of cheese and language. That won't help the big cat's business. A circular story like a bubble, like a clock, like a radiant sun, which weaves and petisses these common puns that invite us to take a facetious look at the world.

From 3 years.


Cats seem to like those who like quiet words. The serene immobility of the reader invites them to rest while the race of the pen on the paper intrigues them, amuses them or lulls them... How many pages crossed out with a large line of ink because of the facetious paw of a cat player, who wants to believe that he hears the scratching of a mouse under the friction of the pen? Since the advent of the computer in the world of literature, the cat is jubilant! The fingers on the keyboard are like thousands of rats running around on the floor… And now, it's freeloading letters that invite themselves to the banquet of words.

If the chat encourages pause, play, hindsight and rereading, it is not surprising that many authors appreciate their company or have dedicated a few pages to them...

The puns in this story are both ancient and famous. They are part of this tradition of complicity with the library cat… Does it seem surprising to you that Victor Hugo's cat bore the name Chanoine?

ISBN: 9782902390137

Format: 210 x 150 mm - 20 pages - 2 point stitch

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