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Scitep Jeunesse

Carnival of the Animals

Carnival of the Animals

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Text by Caroline Chemarin
Illustrations by Myriam Desclèves

Catalan: Susanna Peidro i Sutil
Occitan: Stephane Bourdoncle
Martinican Creole: Igo Drane
German: Nicole Bringman

This carnival-themed children's tale brings together and mixes the different characters from the Polycontes bestiary. Each transforms into one of their friends to look through their eyes and take their point of view. A fun way to tackle the issue of diversity with toddlers.

From 3 years.


The cat eats carrots and the frog flutters?
At the carnival we change our minds, we run, we dance, we party and everything is upside down!
This year who will be the king?

A cat that disguises itself as a rabbit, a rabbit that seems to have all the characteristics of the Manicou, a feathered frog... And a whole joyous band of different but friendly characters, brought together by a common celebration and the desire to share it: The preparation of the final parade forces the creativity of our little heroes who change their appearance to become one of their friends, naturally showing a double respect: I become the other and he looks at me, without mockery or judgment.

This tale tackles the questions of difference and diversity in a simple and playful way. The pleasure of reading can be extended by observation activities and discussions around each of the characters, both on the story itself and on the illustrations or the way it takes shape thanks to the different languages ​​that can tell it. .

ISBN: 9782902390090

Format: 210 x 150 mm - 20 pages - 2 point stitch

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