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Audiobook – Froglet at the School of Flowers

Audiobook – Froglet at the School of Flowers

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Text of Caroline Chemarin
Illustrations by Myriam Desclèves

This children's tale on the theme of school learning features a little frog who reacts unlike the others. Her friends and the schoolmaster worry about her, until they realize she just needed a little time to process it all. A playful way to approach the difference of the other.

But why does the student Grenouillette remain silent?
Would she be worried? Would she sulk?
This is the mystery that Zandoli must solve if he wants to be able to help her!

From 3 years


Author's word

“I remember being a calamity in spelling… Lessons, memorization, application: nothing to do, it was a disaster with each dictation, in each answer, in each agreement of each writing. And then late in the third, everything seemed to connect. As if, from the general structure of the sentence, were born all the little internal logics of the nominal group and the verbal group.
And today, I teach French and I write stories.
Am I a Froglet? »

ISBN: 9782902390380

Format: MP3

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