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ebook – Half-Bloods | The Creole Years vol. 3

ebook – Half-Bloods | The Creole Years vol. 3

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After La Fleur de la Passion and La Catastrophe , Sangs mingled concludes the flamboyant fresco that Michel Tauriac has devoted to Martinique.

In 1914, Raoul Du Morne Cordier, the béké, left his island, his plantation at the foot of the volcano, volunteering for the front. To the despair of his wife and the one he couldn't marry because of his color.

The same heartbreak for Hortense, the mulatto girl, who sees her old companion – Raoul's uncle – get involved in turn.

But life goes on nonetheless under this great sun where the women are beautiful, the temperaments hot, the political contests delectable, the racial hatreds never satisfied. While in the trenches the men of this island find themselves shoulder to shoulder, forgetting their difference, their color. Mixing their blood.

What will come out of this infernal crucible? a more fraternal society.

Later, in 1929, the volcano will wake up, bringing back fear.

Passion, lush sensuality, this is the whole story of this land of passion that Michel Tauriac has brilliantly restored to us, with his novelist's sensitivity and the journalist's concern for authenticity.

ISBN: 9791093143392

Format: ePub

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