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ebook – Maritime transport in the Guadeloupe archipelago since 1930

ebook – Maritime transport in the Guadeloupe archipelago since 1930

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Roger Jaffray

In the greater Caribbean region, the economies of the different countries diverge significantly. The expansion of the Panama Canal will lead to a complete reorganization of maritime transport flows. Caribbean ports cannot become one of the new points of convergence and bursting of international traffic (the "hubs"). They must therefore seek their optimal level of activity, by improving access and their port equipment. They are forced to coordinate with each other to avoid dangerous competition at all costs.

This book is the result of a study on maritime transport in the Guadeloupe archipelago. During a meticulous investigation, the author stripped the local archives of almost the entire past century. Especially those of Maritime Affairs. He also collected the memories of many professionals.

The “Maritime History of the French West Indies” series, of which this book is part, was honored with a mention from the Académie de Marine in October 2018.


It is not only a contribution to local maritime heritage, but also a reference and a tool for professionals in the sector. All of this in a context where Guadeloupe has to deal with global developments that completely escape it: galloping globalization, exacerbated competition, effects of a permanent crisis of adaptation.

Presented by the Guadeloupe section of the Fédération du Mérite maritime, the “Maritime History of the French West Indies” series sheds comprehensive light on the often ignored realities of local maritime transport in the French-speaking Caribbean regions.



1. Guadeloupe's shipping line over the years

I. Links of nearby dependencies
2. Armaments of Marie-Galante
3. Armaments of the Saints
4. Armaments at Désirade and Petite-Terre

II. Links to the center of the archipelago: Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre
5. Traditional Pointois and Basse-Terrien weaponry
6. Transatlantic General Company
7. Sugar factories and distilleries
8. Local links

III. Connections from the Northern Islands: Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin
9. Ships from the Northern Isles
10. The last slavers

IV. Connections throughout the archipelago and beyond
11. Armament Guy Jacques
12. Cassin Armament
13. Departmental maritime transport authority
14. Saint-Amand Daufour Company
15. Malespine Armament
16. Armaments Michel Jacques
17. Armaments Lacascade
18. Inter-Caribbean Navigation Company and Caribbean Navigation Company
19. Brudey Brothers
20. Armament company for off shore research and armament
21. Trans Antilles Express, Antilles Trans Express, Islands Express, Jeans
22. Recent passenger transport
23. Dependency Shipping
24. Shore Cruises
25. Armaments and Fugitive Projects
26. Recent barge armaments
27. Professional nautical leisure activities

V. Connections outside the archipelago
28. Banana armaments of the years 1944-1950
29. Guadeloupe terminal transport company
30. Joint shipping company and VIA
31. Caribia Ferries
32. Viking Group
33. Ferrymar
34. Caribbean Ferries, then Star Ferries
35. Armaments Ramaye
36. Oil companies

VI. Service activities
37. Port services
38. Lighthouses and Beacons
39. Steering
40. Maritime agencies and harbor fleets
41. Maritime Works
42. Extraction of materials


ISBN: 9791093143132

Format: ePub

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