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ebook – The Passion Flower | The Creole Years vol. 2

ebook – The Passion Flower | The Creole Years vol. 2

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On May 8, 1902, the "Mountain of Fire" annihilated Saint-Pierre, sparing only two survivors. Outside the city, hundreds more fleeing the furnace and the ashes.

Taken by panic, the Martinicans abandon their country.

Some resist, including Raoul du Morne Cordier, son of a line of békés, these white people who have been living in Martinique since the 17th century. He lost his parents in La Catastrophe as well as his land above Saint-Pierre, this paradise where the best rum on the island came from. He lost everything, but he fights alongside Marie-Thérèse, his wife, and Gabrielle, the one he couldn't marry because of his color.

One day, he will return to Saint-Pierre. He will rebuild his house. Its cane fields will bloom again.

This second part of the trilogy stages these whites, these mulattoes and these blacks, men and women who, for the most part, existed and who will raise this island adrift. Michel Tauriac has faithfully reconstructed the film of these turbulent years, these true pages of Martinique history where sentimental passions, struggles of interest and political contests intertwine.

The rumblings of the volcano have ceased but now a new threat is rising in the distance: war. Saint-Pierre is gradually coming back to life. The sugar cane swings plumes in bloom. Will this fight against nature have been waged for nothing, this time through the fault of men and that of these other passions which will now set fire to the whole world?

ISBN: 9791093143385

Format: ePub

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