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ebook – Kréolistika n°2 – Creole rationalities and imaginations

ebook – Kréolistika n°2 – Creole rationalities and imaginations

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Kreolistika n°2
Coordinated by Renauld Govain

This new issue of Kréolistika, the creolistic review published by Crillash at Scitep editions, screens a tenacious prejudice through rigorous reasoning. Anyone who wants Creole to be unsuitable for the educational function, incapable of serving, processing, conveying and transmitting scientific notions.


Creole rationalities and imaginations, Practice, expression and use

The Creole idiom , for centuries, responded perfectly to the communicative needs of “Plantation society” in which intellectual speculation had no place. Long before the advent of writing, Technology was for a long time an element of survival for all the peoples of the earth. But the day it was anchored to science, a change that took place during the 19th century, mainly in Europe, then in North America, technology went from being popular to becoming scholarly, until it disappeared behind the necessities of Science and the complexity of its expression. But there is no Science without writing. Long perceived as the language of emotion , Creole could not claim to be used to solve equations, or even to process, convey and transmit scientific notions. Passed through rigorous reasoning, this prejudice, however tenacious it may be, gives way to the observation of a well-structured language that is perfectly suited to the educational function and to the resolution of mathematical and logical equations . By approaching the question from the angle of education, grammar, the learning of modern foreign languages, dance, pedagogues, linguists, anthropologists and writers question, in order to highlight it, the rationality of culture creole . Like the Creole garden, a typical example of seemingly chaotic creation, which nonetheless fascinates scientists with the rationality underlying the management of its crops.

Domino ka rhymed in pangal, me by ka played in pangal.
“We shuffle the dominoes out of order, but there are rules to follow during the game”.

ISBN: 9791093143569

Format: ePub

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