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Dofi the pink dolphin

Dofi the pink dolphin

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Text by Marie-Pierre Nadal
Illustrations of Mary Occhi

Catalan: Susanna Peidro i Sutil
Occitan: Stephane Bourdoncle

This tale for children in French tells the adventures of a little dolphin like no other who goes off to discover the vast world. This will not happen without some adventures and unexpected encounters!

From 3 years.


Dofi the pink dolphin goes to visit the sea.
What will he discover?
Who will he meet?
New friends and exciting adventures!

What more obvious animal than the dolphin to evoke human feelings!
Dofi is a rambunctious and curious pink dolphin. His insatiable desire for novelty will push him to leave his friends to travel the vast world.
This story, whose theater is the marine world, also speaks of the difference, which is not an obstacle if one is curious about the other. She also talks about the importance of grounding. Even if it is legitimate to want to discover the world, to want to live one's personal adventure, those we love and our roots make us who we are.

ISBN: 9782902390250

Format: 210 x 150 mm - 20 pages - 2 point stitch

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