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Scitep is an independent publisher created in 2011. Its areas of interest: the languages ​​of France, interculturality, learning and inclusion. We offer tales for young people translated into French languages ​​including Occitan, Catalan and Creole. These works make it possible to share the diversity of the regions.

"Les Petit Polycontes" are suitable for the 3-6 year old age group, the "Grands Polycontes" are for 9-12 year olds. So that everyone can find themselves in reading, some of our books also exist in DYS version in order to make reading accessible to children with learning difficulties.
"The Polydocs", documentary and educational files derived from the Polycontes, supplement them in the context of their use by teachers, educators and librarians during their activities in the media library.

Our house also offers works for adults with a heritage vocation in the field of regional languages . Through this perspective of transmission, we wish to ensure the maintenance of regional languages ​​and to make them known. In particular through technical works, novels and a university journal of human sciences.