Who are we

Scitep, transmitter of memory(s)

I created Scitep in 2011, from an idea: to bring alive and share the technical heritage of Martinique, and this in the broader context of the Caribbean. Today, we work in all regions of France , particularly in the field of language awareness for young people .

Mylene from Fabrique Saint-Tours

Scitep, publisher of the regions of France

For all audiences, we offer a catalog of documentary books in the fields of technical and cultural heritage.
For children, illustrated books and albums in French and regional languages , written with the collaboration of specialists and teachers from the National Education.

We are also aware of the difficulties related to the inclusion of people with learning difficulties and have undertaken to develop some of our publications for dys and in audio book format .

Colloquium publications testify to the close link that we have maintained with the world of university research. Kréolistika , a humanities journal dedicated to Creoles, is published under the direction of Crillash (University of the West Indies).
Our books are printed with ecological and responsible manufacturing methods, in paper and digital versions, and now audio for part of the catalog.

Scitep Training

Always with the idea of ​​transmitting our knowledge, we also develop advice and support for adults who wish to write and publish their book.

Scitep dissemination and distribution

We market and distribute ourselves throughout France (France and overseas) as well as to the European Community and abroad, subject to conditions.