The universe of the Polycontes

Mousse, the clumsy kitten

Like that of writing, the history of its migrations finds its origin in Mesopotamia. Then, from Mesopotamia to Egypt, from Egypt to Greece, from Greece to Rome and then to all of Europe and the West Indies, his travels were linked to the development of maritime routes and trade.

This tenacious and undeterred little character reminds us that “there is no need to succeed in order to undertake”. For children: an example to follow!

For a ship's captain, the storm and pirates are not the only things to fear: the little clandestine rat discreetly attacks ropes, provisions and cargo, causing irreparable damage. We also fear the terrible diseases it spreads, such as leptospirosis or the plague, which its chip actually transmits.

This is how our cat's hunting skills became his ticket on board to discover new territories. Mousse, the little red cat is young and clumsy. Lurking in the grass, discreet and concentrated, she reproduces feline movements in order to learn them...

In Moss and the hummingbird, our kitten is struggling with Rémi, the nimble and fast little hummingbird, who makes him see all the colors! 🙂

Manicou, the brave Santa Claus

The manicou is an opossum, a name which has gradually replaced the term "sarigue" , formerly used by French speakers to designate this type of small marsupial. It is a nocturnal animal particularly sensitive to light. That's why he spends the whole day sleeping, taking great care to hide his little head under the rest of his body. In the evening, on the other hand, it wakes up and travels long distances in search of what it needs: frogs, insects, rats, fruit or eggs. Like all marsupials, it carries its young in a ventral pouch.
He crosses the gardens, he crosses the forests, he crosses the roads... which puts him in perpetual danger!
This little character is there to remind us that nature is a gift, and that we must preserve it.

Indeed, the manicou is a fragile species . This is why many awareness campaigns exist to draw attention to the need to protect sarigues.

However, when they feel trapped, the sarigas stop moving and "play dead" by putting themselves in thanatosis . Generally speaking, this characteristic defensive behavior concerns prey, and in particular opossums in the wild. Unfortunately, when the predator is a car, this means of defense is at best unsuitable.

In Ti-Jean and Ti-Manicou Noël , Ti-Manicou transformed into Santa Claus is brave enough to carry out his mission. A child, whose house is isolated in the forest, is waiting for his present! Therefore, it is out of the question for it to be forgotten.
Aware of the danger, Ti-Manicou carefully crosses the road but a car goes much faster than small legs!

Froglet, the shy hylodes

The hylodes is an endemic frog of the Lesser Antilles. "Endemic" means that a species is located in a restricted area. Our frog is therefore mainly found in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Dominica.

Whether it is the Eleutherodactylus pinchoni or the eleutherodactylus martinicensis , it is characterized by its size (between three and five centimeters), by its color which can range from dull yellow to brown and above all by its song: our heroine only expresses herself at night and during the day rain.

This is not easy when you are enrolled in the school of flowers! All day, Grenouillette remains silent, an attitude that worries her classmates as much as her teachers...

Our hylode could represent students with special needs; it actually represents all children. Sometimes, at school, an activity can leave the little student speechless, speechless...

This character is there to remind us that "children don't all do the same things at the same time. »

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