Photo d'une opération de sauvetage après séisme

Caribbean earthquakes

A comprehensive guide to earthquakes, how to protect against them and the art of seismic prediction. The presentation of scientific notions, which the author endeavored to write in the simplest way possible, makes it accessible to all. It is intended for adults, but also for teachers and students in secondary schools, who will find essential supplements to deepen this complex and fascinating subject.


In 2015, 12 earthquakes strong enough to be felt by the population were recorded in Martinique, and 17 in Guadeloupe.

Seismic activity is an integral part of the history of the West Indies. In addition, they are classified as a zone of maximum seismic risk. A major arc-wide event with a high probability of a tsunami cannot be ruled out. And in this case, it is the majority of the infrastructures that will be destroyed on several islands at the same time. Reducing to nil the possibilities of local relief. Some specialists believe that a major earthquake (Big One) could occur within the next twenty years.

Even if we are all more or less aware of this risk, do we do what is necessary on a daily basis to protect ourselves from it? Are our visitors sufficiently trained and informed? Do we know what to do in the event of a tsunami?

It is not a question of being catastrophist but of providing the tools to better understand the phenomena in order to better apprehend them. It is to answer these questions that Scitep, an overseas science and technology publisher, is publishing the first work for the general public entirely dedicated to these questions.

Author: Francois Beauducel
Preface by Nathalie Feuillet

Antillean Earthquakes book cover
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