Photo poisson-lion dans l'eau


A complete and very well-documented guide to the lionfish, an invasive and poisonous species which, after having colonized the Caribbean, is spreading to the coasts of the Mediterranean.

It is aimed at divers, fishing professionals and anyone concerned with the marine environment and the protection of nature. They will find there in a condensed form the essential information on this subject which is both fascinating and worrying.


A few years ago, the lionfish was unknown in the West Indies. Today it is ubiquitous. Fishermen pick it up in their traps and divers come across it regularly during their outings at sea. Vigilance is required for swimmers who get too close to the reefs.
Voracious and prolific, it is an unprecedented threat to the biodiversity of coral ecosystems by professional fishing. Today, it also invades the coasts of the Mediterranean .

Like most scorpion fish, this fish has poisonous spines responsible for bites serious enough to warrant medical treatment.

It is too late to eradicate it and the only known cure for its development is to hunt it down. Luckily it is edible and its flesh is tasty. Easy to cook, it lends itself to many preparations and more and more restaurants are offering it à la carte.

At a time when it is being reported more and more in the Mediterranean, this book will be useful not only to divers and fishermen in the Caribbean, but also to readers in mainland France and countries around the Mediterranean.

Author: Eric Rolland
Preface by Michel Kulbicki, IRD

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