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Caribbean Cyclones

A very complete guide to cyclones, how to protect yourself from them and the art of weather forecasting. The presentation of scientific notions, which the author endeavored to write in the simplest way possible, makes it accessible to all. It is intended for adults, but also for teachers and students in secondary schools, who will find essential supplements to deepen this complex and fascinating subject.


The islands of the Antilles are at the crossroads of many major natural hazards, among which we can count cyclones.

In a society where the myth of "zero risk" is increasingly present, it is vital to bear in mind. Regardless of the progress of science and technology, nature will always retain its superiority over the will of man. It therefore only remains to mitigate the risk, for lack of being able to act on its causes.

This can only be done if everyone is properly trained, informed and prepared.

It is to this action that we wanted to make our contribution. In a single document we summarize the information useful for a good understanding. Not only of the meteorological phenomenon itself, but also of its management.

Authors: Jean-Noël Degrace & Maryse Audoin

Antillean Cyclone book cover
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