Michel Tauriac

Michel Tauriac participated in the French ranks in the Indochina War.

On his return in 1950, he began a career as a great reporter (notably in Indochina and the Middle East), journalist and producer in the written press (Panorama, Paris-Presse, Rassemblement, Journal du Combattant, editor-in-chief of France -Sunday) and especially on the radio (RTL, France Inter, Radio-France) and on television (producer of the television magazine "Au rendez-vous des grands reporters", editor-in-chief of 24 heures sur la Une). He was also producer of the program Vécu on France-Inter between 1978 and 1981, deputy director of information at Radio-France, then technical adviser to the cabinet of the president of Radio-France between 1986 and 1988 and of the general manager of Radio France from 1989 to 1991.

He has written about twenty novels and documents, many of which are inspired by his experience of Southeast Asia and Louisiana.

From the novel Jade (1987), he always wanted the cover of his novels to be drawn by a Belgian illustrator, Hubert Gérin.

The character and work of General de Gaulle had fascinated him since his adolescence. He has made numerous programs about him in the written and audiovisual press. After the general's death, he met Admiral de Gaulle and published books with him.

He chaired the association of combatant writers and was a member of the Charles-de-Gaulle Institute and the Overseas Academy of Sciences. He was honorary president of the Association France-Louisiane.

In 1973, Michel Tauriac chose the city of Mazamet for a shock campaign against road violence. It had indeed the same number of inhabitants as that of road deaths in France the previous year. The city was filmed from the ground and from the air with its inhabitants lying on the asphalt of the streets and sidewalks (as if they were dead) and the documentary that was made from it was broadcast on the first channel shortly afterwards, under the title “A city wiped off the map”.


His trilogy Les Années créoles , which tells the story of life in Saint-Pierre in Martinique at the beginning of the 20th century, has been reissued digitally by Scitep editions

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