Frédéric Simard

Frédéric Simard is a medical entomologist specializing in the study of mosquito vectors of pathogenic agents for humans. This researcher worked for fifteen years in Africa on malaria and arboviruses.

Since 2015, he has headed the Mivegec Joint Research Unit at IRD Montpellier. In this laboratory, research focuses on infectious diseases and their vectors. This work encompasses the ecology, genetics, evolution and control of mosquitoes.

Expert recognized for his research on mosquitoes in Africa, then in Europe, Frédéric Simard was one of the first to work on the installation of the tiger mosquito in France. He is also studying its impact on the epidemiology of the diseases it can transmit.

Strongly influenced by evolutionary biology, his research on arboviruses and their vectors aims to propose strategies for combating emerging infectious diseases. These methods are both innovative and environmentally friendly, and suited to an increasingly interconnected world.

Author of more than 150 international scientific publications, Frédéric Simard is a member of numerous expert committees for the WHO, the Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (Aviesan) or the National Center of Expertise on Vectors (CNEV).

He is co-author with André Yébakima and Laurence Farraudière of Mosquito Alert? published by Scitep, in the collection “Current Knowledge”.
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