Photo Éric Rolland

Éric Rolland

Éric Rolland has been a Cabourgeois by adoption since 1982, where he has lived permanently since 2009.

Passionate about the sea in general, he discovered the lionfish in the West Indies. In Cabourg, he developed a passion for cockles, which he fishes and cooks as an enlightened gourmet.

This small shell, once considered "the dish of the poor" is in his eyes an unknown treasure that he wants you to discover in all its aspects.
A public works engineer and political science graduate, Éric Rolland has lived in the West Indies for more than twenty years. He managed several companies there in the field of the environment and urban equipment. He is a fan of spearfishing, and this sport has led him to visit the seabed of the entire Caribbean arc, from Roques to the Virgin Islands, and more particularly Guadeloupe. This is where he encountered his first lionfish in 2012.

To understand, he met and questioned all the actors concerned by this invasive alien species: professionals, institutions and researchers. From this adventure Éric Rolland drew a book which is the fruit of his unique personal experience and his interviews.

He was the author of Poisson-lion! published by Scitep , in the “Current knowledge” collection.

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