Cécile Bertin-Elisabeth

Cécile BERTIN-ELISABETH, agrégé in Spanish, is a university professor at the University of Limoges. She worked for 24 years at the University of the West Indies (Guyana) and notably held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences. She is the director of the review FLAMME (Fédérer Langues Altérités Marginalités Medias Ethique). His research themes focus on marginalities (blacks, picaros) and their literary and iconographic representations as well as on cultural transfers between the peninsular world and the American-Caribbean worlds.

Both a specialist in the Spanish Golden Age and the Caribbean, we note among his many publications:

-VS. Bertin-Elisabeth (dir.), Narratives of marginality in America, Paris, Caraïbéditions, 2014.
-Cécile BERTIN-ELISABETH and José Manuel CRUZ RODRIGUEZ, Le Telémaco or The last trip, Memoirs of the History Society of Martinique-Annales des Antilles, n°7 (special issue), 2016.
-Cécile BERTIN-ELISABETH and Léo ELISABETH, The big book of my commune, my history , vol. I: The South of Martinique, Orphie-Canopé Editions, 2017,
-Cécile BERTIN-ELISABETH, Zobel' friend - Letters from Joseph Zobel, Editions Ibis Rouge, 1st quarter 2020.
-Cécile BERTIN-ELISABETH and Erick NOEL (dir.), The Atlantic, dream machine or never-ending nightmare?, La Crèche, Presses Universitaires de Nouvelle Aquitaine, La Geste, 2021.
-Cécile BERTIN-ELISABETH and Franck COLLIN (dir.), Mediterranean-Caribbean: two archipelagos of thought?, Paris, Garnier, publication scheduled for the end of September 2022.

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