André Yébakima

André Yébakima, medical entomologist graduated from Orstom, qualified to direct research (HDR)/CBS2 doctoral school/University of Montpellier, began his career at the Orstom Center in Brazzaville where his work focused on blackflies (insects) and onchocerciasis (eye and skin disease). For thirty years, he directed the Center for Mosquito Control and Entomological Research (Cedre)/Vector Control (LAV), a mixed operational structure dependent on the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique (CTM) and the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

In 1991, he developed an index relating to the productivity of Aedes aegypti mosquito breeding sites, the “Yébakima index”. Now a decision support tool in Aedes aegypti control interventions. He is regularly involved in the management of arbovirus epidemics outside Martinique, and has been listed since 2008 on the list of International Health Regulations experts.

Secretary of the Scientific Council of the French National Agency for Mosquito Control and the Management of Mosquito-Free Natural Areas (ADEGE), he is also a member of the Steering Committee of the French National Center for Vector Expertise (CNEV). He took part in this capacity, as president and then as a member, in the collegial expertise on dengue fever in the French departments of America (IRD, 2003) and vector control in France (IRD, 2009).

He was co-author at Scitep of Mosquito Alert? , in the “Common knowledge” collection.

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